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Teaching Tips Index from Honolulu Community College
L.Dee Fink's principles of good course design
Yes I Teach tips page
This page has tips categorized as:
General, Primary, Upper Grades,
Classroom Management, and Inspirational
Education World has tons of tips and ideas! There is also an extensive collection of links leading to a lot more!
This site will lead you to tips about Lesson Planning, Tech Integration, Professional Development, great blog links, and many other fine resources!
Teacher's Tips by Trevor VanTine maintains a focus on Science, History, and Gifted/Talented education.
Lesson plan links from Trevor V!
Eastern Kentucky University maintains a TLC Teaching Tips page full of links applicable to new teachers, particularly on the college level.
Just a snip from the index of TLC Teaching Tips:
Science Teaching Tip Podcasts from Exploratorium
From the web site:

Teacher Institute Science Teaching Tips

"Teacher Institute Teaching Tips is a bite-sized podcast for science teachers, by science teachers. In each five-minute episode, we give you hands-on activities, science facts, science history, pedagogy tips for new teachers, or other ideas for your science classroom. "
Music Teaching Tips from MTNA - Music Teachers National Association.
From the MTNA web site:

"The Teaching Tips section of the MTNA website offers members an opportunity to hear how colleagues across the country have addressed various areas of music study. Teaching Tips shared are the opinions of the writer and are offered only as ideas."