Oral Language Education and Oral Literacy has occupied a space on the back burner of the curriculum for too long! Students actors, debate team members, daily announcers, and broadcasters receive some oral literacy training experience - but it is still a fact that many aspects of oral language use are neglected in schools. Educators should recognize the value of oral language education in every aspect of life experience. An organized effort to integrate oral literacy skills for our students into our courses of study are necessary and overdue! Let us share some ideas about how this can be accomplished!

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Should we refer to Language Arts, Reading, and Oral Literacy collectively as Communications Arts?

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Jane Nicholls

New Zealand educator involved with the New Zealand Online Curriculum Project discusses the importance of Oral Literacy.

Literacy, Orality, and Cognition - An Overview
an essay by Mark Willis (1994)

Conversations With Voyagers

What can kindergarten students talk about?
There's not much talking in this video,
but it's chock full of ideas!

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