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Mathematics Awareness Month - April 2013!!

"The American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics announce that the theme for Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2013, is the Mathematics of Sustainability."



School_of_Mathematics_and_Statistics University_of_St_Andrews,_Scotland


The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

Khan Academy

Learn about math, economics, history, physics, and more for free!

Sal Khan has teamed up with Bill gates to share his short lectures about everything!

Sample Lecture:

mathematics and music | get pdf article

"At first sight, music and mathematics are two completely different disciplines.
Many mathematicians feel, however, that there are some close relations.
Music often has mathematical structures and characteristics and, even more
importantly, there are also many artistic aspects in mathematics.
Bringing music and mathematics together could therefore increase the understanding of both disciplines." Michael Beer

Acoustic archaeology: The secret sounds of Stonehenge

Trevor Cox reveals how the acoustic footprint of the world's most famous prehistoric monument was measured

Graphs, charts, and recording links!

MathDaily's Acoustic Category

Acoustics is a branch of physics and is study of sound, mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids.

This page contains links to 41 articles which might lead to great lessons about acoustics!

Paul Falstad's Java Applets

These are some educational java applets Paul wrote to help visualize various concepts in math, physics, and engineering. You should be able to view them with any Java-capable browser.

The Science and Mathematics of Music:

Harmony and Acoustics, Theory and Art

A collection of links to a variety of articles by various authors concerning the science and mathematics of music and acoustics

Pythagoras' Discovery of the Mathematics of Harmonic Relationships

Visit the link to the left for a detailed discussion of Pythagoras' vibrating string discoveries.
The vibrating sting ratios of the guitar, monochord, harmonic math, and even a drum head are addressed. Interesting and well worth the visit!

You will also find a nice picture of a monochord and links to other ancient instruments here

Seasons Of Love Math Video


Kennedy Center Arts Edge

Integrated Lesson Search allows you to choose your subject,choose the arts subject you'd like to integrate, choose your grade level, and search the database!

Try it - you'll like it!

Art and Mathematics in Education

by Richard Hickman and Peter Huckstep

The Journal of Aesthetic Education
The Journal of Aesthetic Education
Copyright © 2003 Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. All rights reserved.

Web 2.0 Math Tools Wiki

Quite the collection of math / technology tools!

From the American Mathematical Society -

Mathematics and Art

  1. Introduction
  2. Mathematical tools for artists
  3. Symmetry
  4. Mathematical artists and artist mathematicians
  5. Polyhedra, tilings and dissections
  6. Origami
  7. References
Mathematics and Art - Perspective
Using Math to Generate Choreographic Variations
Mathematics and Architecture

Tessellation Ideas


Tessellation Theme Page

The Math Forum@Drexel

James E. Geisthardt's Power Point and Ideas

Music and Math

Module by: Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Summary: An overview of some of the math concepts that are relevant to music. Includes suggestions for classroom activities for grades 3-7 that use music to illustrate a math concept, as well as reviews of the math necessary for older students to understand some music theory and acoustics.

This module is a very complete set of resources including pdf files of worksheets and other necessary back-up materials.
1. Fractions / rhythm
2. Sets and intersecting sets / keys and related keys
3. The relationship between ratios, fractions, and decimals / frequency and intervals
4. Roots and powers / equal temperament tuning

Schmidt-Jones, Catherine. Music and Math. Connexions. 6 Apr. 2005 <>.
Geometry in Architecture
( the Resources tab on this page is especially interesting!)


Drill and Practice basic math operations at Math Mayhem at

Matheatre presents Calculus The Musical

from their website:

"A blend of sketch comedy, musical theatre and classroom lecture, MATHEATRE has created a performance piece to show that although calculus is used in rocket science, well…it isn’t exactly rocket science."

Now I've seen everything... well - maybe not!

Language Strategies for Math Teachers

This link will take you to an interesting collection of Language Strategies for Math.
Originating from Stanford University, these strategies include ideas such as graphic Organizers, Math Talk, Sort and Predict, Socratic Seminars, and other unique approaches. These are strategies for integrating language and literacy into high school math courses.

Twelve Days Of Christmas Click Here for the link

In this The Twelve Days of Christmas: Music meets math in a popular Christmas song!
Lake Forest, Illinois (December 17, 2002) - Every year during the holiday season, economic pundits tally up the rising costs of a "true love's" generosity in that ode to very conspicuous consumption: "The Twelve Days of Christmas."


The Twelve Days of Christmas and Pascal's Triangle


Art (Architecture)

This connection is a no-brainer! Check out the links and have fun!

Suggested Link: Geometry In Art
Suggested Link: Geometry in Art and Architecture
Suggested Link: Geometry Through Art

Short Description Of The Correlation: The obvious visual connections between art and geometry are endless. Art and architecture provide the students with a look at possible real-world and decorative applications of geometric principles

Integration Flashpoints (Key Focal Elements) : Visual art and geometric patterns

Math and Music: A Primer By Paul Cox

From The Page:

"If all art aspires to the condition of music, all the sciences aspire to the condition of mathematics. - George Santanaya
Music is the pleasure of the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting. - Gottfried Leibniz
Mathematics and music have a strange connection. Music is the only art form, where the form and the medium are the same. Mathematics
is the only science where the methods and the subject are the same. Mathematics is the study of mathematics using mathematics.
Music is only created and experienced as music. Thus, there is a natural connection between mathematics and music: Both are experienced as pure objects of the brain,
and both have meaning outside of the brain only by artificial connections. '

This page is a good start to explaining relationships between music and math. Paul investigates frequency, hertz, harmonics, and even a little music history!

Archive Of Mistakes In Math

Another neat page by Paul Cox


World Languages (French & Spanish)

The Languages of Math!

Examining the vocabulary of math in another language could be interesting. Maybe it is possible to translate word problems from a French or Spanish Math text.

Materials / Software Needed: The web, a few problems related to your current unit in French or Spanish
Here is a link to an interesting polyglot. It contains English math vocabulary words with French and Spanish translations:

Short Description Of The Correlation: Math in foreign languages

Integration Flashpoints (Key Focal Elements) : math vocabulary translation from French and Spanish

Architecture And Trigonometry At The Basketball Hall Of Fame

Math ( Multiplication)

Music Video

Multiplication concept:
Double It Twice - music and video

Place Values With MisterNumbers!

Learn Math Digits and Place Value with this fun animated math video.
Many Right Brain Math videos by MisterNumbers play with the patterns
made by the Ones-digits and Tens-digits. This video is a help to those
learning math who want to learn about digits and place value.