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This is the place for teachers of all subjects to share ideas about applying academic content across the curriculum! How can music or art reinforce a mathematical concept? Are foreign languages important in science? How does proper nutrition help us to think more clearly? Why is YOUR subject important to anybody else? What's the connection? Post a favorite idea or suggest a link to promote Integrated Academics in your school!

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Training Your Creative Mind!

Creativity is fostered by participation in great programs in arts education, but applied to many of life's endeavors!
Here are a few tips about everyday creativity from Nadia Goodman

More about Creativity from Mike Michalko!

12 things you were not taught in school about creative thinking.


Folklore researcher / ethnomusicologist ALAN LOMAX's audio archives are now on line! READ MORE

Public Domain Sheet Music Links

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Interesting Reading!

Article links on our Using Knowledge page:

"The Computer Delusion" contrasted with "From Technology Refusal To Acceptance"

and Glennie's Student Assist Home Page


Dynamic Periodic Table! on our Science Connections Page

Khan Academy - Short Lectures About Tons of Subjects by Sal Khan (A Partnership with Bill Gates)

CHECK OUT Comic Economics


Podcasting for Elementary Students

Check These Out!

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

This is a collection of public domain and open access documents with a focus on American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Its purpose is to help facilitate a person’s liberal arts education. “Big ideas don’t fit on a mobile.” If you don't know about ALEX, you should!

Sixty Symbols

A collection of videos about the symbols of physics and astronomy. (University of Nottingham)

Link to Marist College Chemistry Department for tips about "Writing About Science" from here!

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Do We Live Life In An Academic Vacuum?

We all have a tendency to be isolationists when it comes to our own curricular cubby! Let's step back and get some perspective. Are there other things happening in our lives beyond the classroom? Other things in the lives of our students? Is what we teach really a life or death issue! If we answer these and other questions which arise from our contemplation, the answers will probably reveal the true place our curricular material occupies in the lives of our students. Of course we must be passionate about our academic offerings, but remember that overwhelming passion can also flip the mental switch to the "off position" for our kids. There is much variety in life. Our curriculum should reflect the entire variety of information, problems, situations, academic relationships, consequences, and solutions school has to offer. Integrate, add interest, and thrive!


You will find an eclectic collection of "stuff" at Integrated Academics. A sincere effort is being made to collect good, cross-curricular ideas. Feel free to browse subject areas other than your own to discover what other teachers are doing to facilitate integrated academics. Take some of these ideas and make them your own!

Integrate Resources, Tools, and Content

The use of multiple resources, tools, idea bases, and combined subject matter leads to interesting and challenging learning experiences. Students involved in task-based learning gain skills and experience processes which can be applied across the curriculum. The use of multiple tools will also accommodate students with a variety of learning styles. If knowledge is to be progressive and cumulative, so too should be our collection of tools and resources!

Integrated Curriculum Links

Virginia Tech Archive

Models of Integrated Curriculum

Northwest Regional Education Lab Cross-Curricular Resources

Creating Instructional Program Coherence
This research summary discusses how and why schools that build a coherent instructional program through common frameworks for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and learning climate achieve measurable improvements in student achievement. It also profiles schools’ work with Education Northwest to implement coherent programs.
Creating Small Learning Communities
This summary defines and reviews research on the effectiveness of small learning communities, and organizes the practices effective communities use into five domains of best practice. The article outlines a process of continuous program improvement that schools use to move their small learning communities closer to these best practices.

From Fogarty, R., and Stoehr, J. (1991)

Integrating Curricula with Multiple Intelligences: Teams, Themes, and Threads. Palatine, IL: Skylight Publishing, Inc.

Integrated Academics Part One: Research Jog The Web to view the above web pages and other interesting research-based projects!

How Do We Integrate Our Content?

Most theories of academic integration are complex, requiring elaborate collaboration and a lot of time to plan and implement. The theory here is simple:

1. Convince students that you are interested in their interests!
2. Find an "Integration Flashpoint" (the place where your course content meets student interest).
3. Connect the dots as a small part of your lesson.
4. "Hook" your students through integration and diversity!

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Throughout the Integrated Academics wiki, you will find information about how ideas address the Pennsylvania Academic Standards listed in italics.
Editors and organizers who publish ideas should make every effort to list connections to the standards.

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The spiral contains the message... The spiral contains the message...
The spiral contains the message...


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