The visual and performing arts provide a snapshot of culture throughout history. Great societies are created and remembered through the lasting works created by their most talented citizens. Great art and performance reflect the ideals and customs to define who we are as a society. Through the arts, we look into the hearts and minds of people of diverse cultural heritage, providing us with a lasting tribute to their cultural ideals, tribulations, and values.

Follow this link to find out about the 10 Lessons the arts teach according to Eliot Eisner - external image pdf.png 10Lessons_handout.pdf
This pdf file courtesy of the National Art Education Association.

Here is a link to "New Horizons In Learning" with a great collection of articles about integrating the arts! The same site has a link to "Teaching and Learning Strategies". In this area of the website you will find information on some of the best researched and the most widely implemented methods of helping all students to learn more successfully. Browse the entire site for more very interesting perspective!

Interesting Links - Mathematics and Art From the American Mathematical Society -

Mathematics and Art

  1. Introduction
  2. Mathematical tools for artists
  3. Symmetry
  4. Mathematical artists and artist mathematicians
  5. Polyhedra, tilings and dissections
  6. Origami
  7. References
Mathematics and Art - Perspective

Mathematics and Architecture


Tessellations This is a nice introductory website!
From the website - This site is a dedicated graphics site and not intended as a mathematical treatise. As M.C.Escher said, "Mathematicians go to the garden gate but they never venture through to appreciate the delights within."
A bit more mathematical twist on tessellations can be found here!
Sub links at the Geometry In Art site include:

Tessellations In Motion

Great video making tessellations "more dynamic"!
From - The Clay Animation Network - a program run by Lukas Allenbaugh out of Seattle Washington.

Cool Tools For Schools Wiki offers links to many great visual tools. Follow the links below to grab a few!
Image Tools
Drawing Tools

Geography and History in Art and Song

A great lesson idea appears at the National Geographic website!
Art works, particularly paintings, can reveal a good deal of information about places and what they looked like in the past. This lesson has students look at some historical paintings on the Internet and describe the things the paintings reveal about the places they depict. The lesson extension takes students into the realm of musical places. This could also be a separate lesson!


Visual Art, Music, and Geography or World Cultures!

The Pavement Picasso

A time lapse video of Julian Beever creating the Aveeno Fountain of Youth chalk drawing in Union Square, NYC on 01/15/07. See a full gallery of Julian's work at

A critique and analysis of Beever's process and work might address PA Arts and Humanities Standards 9.3A, C, and F

Pablo Picasso Video Portrait

4th grade Picasso portraits from Chets Creek Elementary School!

This project addresses PA Arts and Humanities Standard 9.1B

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