The ultimate integrated education experience!

Theater can include elements of literature, production, performance, writing, reading, speaking, reacting, stagecraft, marketing, technology, visual arts, costuming, and industrial arts connections. I'm sure I skipped a few curricular areas in the previous list! Why is a learning experience which embraces so many academic areas relegated to an almost obscure place within most school curricula? Involvement in theatrical experiences taxes the learning potential of students like few other academic subjects, yet it is considered only to be a "frill" or a "fun" tradition. Theater can happen on the street, in the classroom, on the stage, or just about anywhere else people can gather. Promote live theater everywhere, and get your students involved in one of the most rewarding educational activities in existence!

Theater History Links

Didaskalia Study Area

This is a premiere source about Ancient Theater. It is concise, well-illustrated, and has an interesting series of hyperlinks such as:
Introduction to Greek Stagecraft
Introduction to Roman Stagecraft

The Visual Resources are also particularly interesting!

This site offers a series of links for theater enthusiasts. All eras of history and even international theater are linked and addressed.

History of Theatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia, Theater History entries

Script To Stage

The "little white book" becomes a live presentation - a series of events
and interactions to transport the audience to the time and place
of the playwirght's choosing.

The story is passed down through the art.
If you ever thought of writing your own script,
here's the place to
learn how to format it!


Script Frenzy!

for loads of other ideas and information!

Script Frenzy! (formatting a script)

Other cool links at **//Script Frenzy!//**

Introduction to Stage plays
Stage Play Formatting Overview

Creating Great Characters
Cast your Characters
Writing Action and Description
Writing Dialogue
Conflict and Outlining Plot
Creating Conflict
Outline your Script
“Hollywood Formula" Worksheet

AWOL (Site Map)

Acting Workshop On Line
AWOL's Free Acting Lessons!


Find Stage Plays and Publishers

This link will connect you to the American Association Of Community Theater Play Source Search.
Part of an ongoing project to list every play written or produced in English since 1956.

Association of Lighting Designers

The Association of Lighting Designers represents lighting designers working in the live performance industry in the United Kingdom and around the world. The galleries at this website make a visit inspiring and well worth the click! Here are a few links to the professional member's gallery and the student gallery.