Here are a few video help files to get you started in podcasting.

Middle School Academy Handout Page

January 08 2009
This document contains thought about Oral Literacy and how podcasting will enhance language arts classes. There are also a few practical classroom ideas which feature the use of Audacity..

Podcasting Workshop PowerPoint

from the January 08 2009
Middle School Academy for Language Arts Presentation

Downloading Audacity and LAME

This is a screen cast about installing Audacity and the
LAME encoder driver. The LAME encoder must be
located if you want to export you Audacity project files
as mp3 files!

Another Audacity / Lame Installation Video

A concise lesson in download and installation.

Audacity Basics

This is a Camtasia video showing the very basics of creating files in Audacity. Experts will find this a bit elementary.

Recording Music

Directly Into Audacity

Audacity tutorial for getting music from non-downloadable sources, such as videos. This will work for recording music from any source on your computer including Windows Media Player!

I believe that this technique works only with Version 1.2.6. If you have this version on your computer, do not delete or upgrade it!

Microphone Use

external image 1.jpg

Ken Okel's tips about using a microphone.

A microphone is a wonderful tool but often isn't not used correctly. Here are some quick tips to keep you sounding great!

Speaking Clearly

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins speaks about the importance of diction and enunciation.

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