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English As A Second Language Classroom Ideas and Lesson Plans

Awesome Library Awesome Library organizes the Web with 36,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the
top 5 percent in education. Lesson plans are available for all subjects including Across Subjects, Multidisciplinary, and

Multicultural lesson plans!


I will suggest that each selection to be used in class be previewed! Midi Files of National Anthems world radio mp3 files this is a classical music search site...they were having issues but claim to have fixed them. this is kind of like an automatic world music blog aggregator!

There are hundreds more - Youtube also has thousands of examples!

Language Lessons On The Web!

Open Culture has links to free video and audio lessons for 37 languages!

There are a few video samples of lessons in Japanese here!

Many others are available at:

Open Culture


Get the front pages of newspapers in languages from all over the world!

Spanish Culture

Middle Eastern Cultures

This link will take you a complete list and description of the many cultures who live in the Middle East. Each sub-link will yield information about the language, location, and a brief description of the daily life of the people in a given area.

Movies, Race and Ethnicity

This website is hosted by the University of California at Berkely Moffitt Library media resources center.

It contains a collection of videographies provide a broad sampling of ethnic and racial representations in the movies over the last century. These films include works of mainstream Hollywood, as well as historical and current movies by film makers of color. The site also contains a number of other interesting videographies.

Across Disciplines With Multicultural Music

MENC Cultural Connections
Multicultural music readily lends itself to study in other disciplines. Learning about the culture that created the music leads to a better understanding of the music itself. MENC member Patricia Shehan Campbell suggests working with classroom teachers to put together a multicultural unit that will reach across the disciplines.

Traveling in Spain** - No narration here, but the video sights are great!

The Louvre in Paris, site of the action at the beginning of The Da Vinci Code

A brief discussion of the history of the museum. Discussions of architecture, urban legends, and inaccuracies in the movie.

French Greetings

Listen in French to greetings and small talk

What is the Multicultural West?

The Multicultural American West is a resource site for the interactive exchange of ideas, information, and educational tools related to the US West in multicultural and intercultural perspective. We hope to serve high school and college students, teachers, professors and independent scholars with an interest in the multicultural West.