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Writing Links

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Purdue University OWL

This site offers over 200 free resources including:
  • Writing and Teaching Writing
  • Research
  • Grammar and Mechanics
  • Style Guides
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Job Search and Professional Writing
  • I especially like the OWL Handouts section
Nice website with concise examples.
The PowerPoint might be of special interest to teachers!
This site contains a number of dictionary links, style manuals and language translators

Study Techniques

Study Guides and Strategies

Nice sites for students containing study tips, writing tips, etc.

Math Links

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Brief Description of Use When you arrive here, click "home" to see the rest of the website!
Links to mathematicians, biographies, math genre, calculating devices, and other neat math information!
This web page is the end result of the Math 750J Workshop in the History of Mathematics for Middle School Teachers. The goal of the workshop was to produce a web site which would be a source of information for teachers of mathematics.

Music Links

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This site is a nice, interactive overview of music theory concepts. It contains basic info in flash format, trainers, drills, and other nice features.
To be used for basic music theory training and music reading and understanding.
This site is an extension of the music technology classroom at Central Park School in Birmingham, AL. Student work, pictures and music compositions are on this site.
The site is also used to provide music technology links, quizzes, resources and information to all music teachers interested in using technology to enhance music instruction. This site is a valuable resource for teachers and students. The worksheet section is super, but requires plug-ins (Acrobat Reader or Sibelius Scorch) for downloads.
The Dolmetsch comprehensive collection of music resources is simply phenomenal! Their full line of recorders and accessories are excellent musical instruments!

What do you want to know about music? Click and go!
dolmetsch online resources is the portal page. You will also find e-monographs (useful articles), a superb music dictionary, a super music theory & history section, dolmetsch pdf files for recorders, staff/music/manuscript paper, recorder lessons, and a secti9on relating to the physics of musical instruments. This web resource is one of the very best!
Public Domain Sheet Music - for general information about copyright and public domain sheet music

Links to Websites Containing Public Domain Music: