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This website offers songs for just about every teaching purpose and subject area!

The Visible Body Features:

  • Complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model

  • Detailed models of all body systems

  • Dynamic search capability

  • Easy-to-use, 3D controls

  • Seamless compatibility with all the most popular web browsers

Argosy's Visible Body is the most comprehensive human anatomy visualization tool available today. This entirely Web-delivered application offers an unparalleled understanding of human anatomy.
The Visible Body includes 3D models of over 1,700 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body.

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This website is an amazing piece of work! Check it out, you won't regret it!


How the Body Works

This is just one section of a great website for kids! There is a menu bar on the page we have linked with a fantastic selection of health topics for kids!

Does Physical Activity Influence Academic Performance?

Interesting research insights from:
Leslee J. Scheuer, Graduate Student
and Dr. Debby Mitchell, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Physical Education / Sports & Fitness
University of Central Florida- Orlando, FL USA

Great Physical Education Integrated Lesson Ideas!

Deborah Smith at Clemson University is one of the managing editors of this website! It is chock full of great ideas for the PE teacher, as well as the classroom teacher.
Visit PE Central, or click on one of the hyperlinks in the right column to get right to the great ideas!
The site features a List All Classroom Teacher/Integrated Lessons , **Classroom Activity Energizers**, which are are "classroom based physical activities that integrate physical activity with academic concepts", and **Active Academics** "practical ideas to classroom teachers for integrating physical activity throughout the school day".
"The Classroom Teacher/Integrated lesson idea area has been designed to meet the needs of classroom teachers that desire to use physical activity to teach academic content. The content can be taught in the classroom or outside in an outdoor play area. Although this section is written for classroom teachers it is also appropriate for physical education teachers who wish to teach integrated content as well".