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FREE has free resources for educators of all subjects! Photo archives, museum links, lesson plans, great information, and much more! This is a great place to brainstorm your integration ideas!

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John Cumberbatch Memorial Lecture delivered to the Barbados Union of Teachers in 2003
Just an interesting read!

PBS Frontline Cross Curricular Activities
Plans, ideas, activities and lessons cross-referenced to national standards. Many concepts are based on international issues and current events.
Interested in teaching a math lesson with statistics and issues from the oil industry? Willing to bring world stories into a life science lesson? FRONTLINE/World encourages educators to explore global issues across a variety of disciplines.

Curriki is more than your average website; it's a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world.
Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. Our name is a play on the combination of 'curriculum' and 'wiki' which is the technology we're using to make education universally accessible.

Jody Conrad's Delicious Tags
A collection of resources and web 2.0 tools for teachers in all content areas
Peruse what I have already found and thought would be useful for you.

MaryEllen Vogt'sCross Curriculuar Site
Concise information about advantages of cross-curricular thematic instruction.

SmartTech Educator Secondary Resources
Many links to some great resources. Not just for Smart Board users!

Smart Tech Elementary Resources
The SmartTech resources offer a nice selection of websites.

Virginia Tech Archive
Models of Integrated Curriculum

Northwest Regional Education Lab
School Improvement Research Series

From Fogarty, R., and Stoehr, J.

(1991) Integrating Curricula with Multiple Intelligences: Teams, Themes, and Threads. Palatine, IL: Skylight Publishing, Inc.