Your students need to know the reasons for copyright laws and intellectual property protection. If we're gong to use Web 2.0 applications, let's do it correctly. Here are some resources to aid them with understanding the law and how it applies!
Tech and Learning pdf file - Copyright Law for Teachers
Cornell University's Guide to Copyright Term in the United States Worldwide Legal Directory's International Guide to Copyright page. This is a great international resource!
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Written Word Resources

Read Write Think lesson plans about copyright, plagiarism, and paraphrasing.
Read Write Think technology and copyright law.
This plan includes some excellent instructional resources!
The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance
This site includes short pop-up quizzes to test your copyright knowledge!

**Copyright Friendly Resource Wiki** at Wikispaces!

Get copyright friendly images and sounds for use in your audio-visual presentations!

Music On The Web

"Music Rules is a free educational program designed to encourage respect for intellectual property and responsible use of the Internet among students in grades 3-8."

Writing Citations and Credits

University of Oregon Libraries
Plagiarism Guide for Students