Movement becomes an art form when integrated with music. Dance and music are naturally integrated, but how can we extend the creative, geometric, artistic, mathematical, literal, and organizational aspects of dance to all academic areas?

Writing About Dance

It seems to me that writing about choreographed human movement poses a new challenge to advanced writing students. Even watching a ballet or dance recital poses a challenge to some of them! Here is a link to Dr. Robert M.Seiler's (University of Calgary) article about putting dance into words. This should inspire a few new ideas for descriptive or critical writing projects!

This writing activity addresses PA Arts and Humanities Standard 9.1E and 9.1L

Here is a nice segment from the Anaheim Ballet series to inspire your students to write about dance:

Math and Choreography!

Here is an abstract about a study led by Cynthia McGinnis integrating elements of math, choreography, and dance:

McGinnis, Cynthia. "Dance Choreography and Dance" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the The Mathematical Association of America MathFest, Aug 06, 2009 <Not Available>. 2009-08-10 <>

This is a link to an interesting presentation by Ruth Katz about geometric elements as pursued by a choreographer:

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Using Math to Generate Choreographic Variations

This is a very cool page with quite a few links!

Other Interesting Math/Dance correlations:

About William Forsythe's

choreographic methodology

Do The Math Dance from Science Daily

A video report: Mathematicians And Choreographers Use Dance To Teach Mathematics

E-Dance Project Blog

Dance and technology on the edge

Sacred Geometry in Belly Dance! by Keti Sharif

"A look at the underlying geometry of Oriental dance and its relationship to the principles of sacred geometry and the cosmological design of Islamic art"

Answers 4 Dancers

Answers4Dancers is a website "where career-shy, career-curious dancers can get real answers to questions about the business of becoming a professional".

Who's Dancin' Now? search for educator resources

Probe the traditions of dance around the world at this PBS site. An online teacher's guide supplements secondary school curricula.

Dance Education Organizations

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)

is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of high quality education in the art of dance.
In the video above, Hillary Clinton speks about dance education and the NDEO

Ascending Star Dance An Internet Dance Magazine

Dance Organization Links

Dance Education Links

Dance Education Web

Vision - To use technology as a tool for the development and retrieval of compelling dance education information in order to nurture inspiration and critical inquiry within a global dance education community

Google's (dmoz) Dance Education Directory

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